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Online Journals
Computational Poetry and literary art: Tchetgen, P. (2018). Alpha Riddims. Taper #1. Cambridge, MA. Poetry: Tchetgen, P. (2003) The Wind. Contrary Magazine. Chicago, IL.

Papers & Presentations
Tchetgen, P. (2018). DRUMBALL Project. RILE Conference 2018 Poster Session. Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Mahiri J., Tchetgen, P. (2018) Embodying Literacy – Rhythms of Learning through Digital Drum Talk. Graduate Course in International Multicultural Education. University of San Francisco.

Tchetgen, P. (2017). Design and Implementation of a Digital Orality Hypermedia System. ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017 Conference Proceedings. Singapore.

Pearce L., Crisostomo J., Langin-Hooper S., Schmitz P. and Tchetgen P. (2009). Tools for Social Network Analysis of Ancient Texts. – HART Initiative symposium – Berkeley, CA.

Binstock E, Tchetgen, P. (2006). Media/Arts/Critical Literacy Curriculum: Learning and Teaching in the Jail School Paper Presentation: Engaging and Educating Learners with Media – American Educational Research Association (AERA) – Chicago, IL.

Shapiro B., Thomas K. and Tchetgen P. Digital Youth Afterschool Program”. (2006). Poster Session at 7th International Conference of the Learning Sciences at Indiana University – Bloomington, IN.

Multimodal Media Productions
kwe, (2011). “Dirges of Becoming” (Book/CD). Afro Roots Hop Press, Boston, MA.

kwe, (2018). Music is Healing (Live Radio Broadcast – 2 episodes). WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge. Tchetgen, P. & Self & Lyric (undergraduate course) (2017) – The Wellness Guide (Podcast).

kwe (2014). Re:turn to the Healing Grounds. (Poetry/Fantasy Short Film). Word. Sound. Life.

Manilla, B., Tchetgen, P., Davila, V., Filucci, S., Sherr, I., Palta, R., Samba, A., Geiger, K., Pickoff-White, L., Palta, R. (2008). Taboo Topics. North Gate Radio. KALX 90.7FM Berkeley.

Works in Preparation
Theory of Digital Orality.