A Voice, Rhythm & Movement Playground for Children and Parents

The Urban Griot Playground is an early literacy music education program designed to improve the language and communication skills of children (ages 3-6) through embodied modes of learning. We invite parents to sign-up now!

Voice, rhythm and movement play a fundamental role in a child’s early social and emotional experiences. Through drumming, Urban Griots opens a space of dialogue with children about who they are and how to express their unique character, gifts and point-of-view with confidence. When children learn how to express themselves through the language of the drum, they are empowered to communicate in a different way.

The workshops are open to children ages 3-6 (with adult present) and the duration of each session is 90mins. Cost: $40 due at the time of registration.

Upcoming Sessions

  • June 4th-7th: Boys & Girls Club (Mt Shasta, CA)
  • July 8th-11th: Maker Camp 2019 @ The Gathering (Mt Shasta, CA)
  • July 7th – August 25th: Pops Cultural Arts Center (Dunsmuir, CA)

Past Sessions

  • April 19th – May 10th: Destiny Arts (Oakland, CA)