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Music Is Healing’s unique approach is to host both small- and large-scale music events with an international roster of artists and local/regional partners through a series of transformative convergences that would attract global attention on ways to reflect, refine and implement new models of community building. An integral part of the festival is to work with local artists, council members, business owners, investors and entrepreneurs, to create a sustainable and generative venture that can provide year-round training and employment opportunities for youth and young adults. The festival is powered by dana (generosity). The purpose of the festival is to build unity by strengthening local community ties amongst residents across social boundaries (race, class, gender, politics) through an all-day educational and entertainment cultural event.

Through our Live In Studio series, launched in 2018 in Boston, MA, Music Is Healing is expanding its reach to new audiences by providing a platform for artists to collaborate and broadcast. This monthly session provides a home for artists of any style to come together to share works in progress in a creative, intimate and safe environment. As a community project open to artists, singers and players of instruments committed to promote the message of Unity through Music around the world, all work produced is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.